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Shadow of the Beast on PS4 Includes the Original Amiga Classic

There’s only a few days until the release of the Shadow of the Beast remake on PS4. The game is due out on May 17th for PS4 and that day will mark us getting frustrated and killed a hell of a lot of times.

The original Shadow of the Beast was notoriously difficult, and while we assume the developers behind the modern-day remake have made the new version a challenge, we don’t think it’ll be anywhere near as difficult as the original Amiga classic. If you’re a hardcore nut who revels in death and loves nothing more than rage-quitting, good news: Shadow of the Beast will contain the original Amiga version of the game so that you can drive yourself mental, again.

The Amiga version does actually have a few tweaks to make the game a little more palatable for the spoiled modern-day gamers who’ve become accustomed to generous checkpoints and such. The original (which works via emulation) will be identical to the original release, thought you’ll be able to save more often and play through the game with unlimited lives. However, if that sounds like a cop-out, you can disable the features.


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