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Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn Launching Today

In a new interview video today, Shaq discusses his game, becoming English royalty, his love of scones, and how he has no true rivals. For the game, he really wants to give you a great game and to make you laugh. He believed in the concept so completely that he used some of his own money to fund it.

The interviewer, Aaron Cooper of Wired Productions, is a good sport, and Shaq is, well, himself in the best way possible. He gives Aaron (and maybe even you) your first martial arts lesson and perhaps his first martial arts injury. He jokes about how Icy Hot is in the game, after Aaron mentions it. There are some awkward moments towards the beginning. Enjoy them, and keep watching. Shaq even gives his predictions about where games are going in the future.

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn hits the streets and PSN today. It tells the story of Shaq’s revenge after his martial arts teacher is killed. He will take on crazy celebrities and demons in this beat-em up with a tongue in cheek story. The game boasts boss fights, weapons, power-ups, and a game superior to the original Shaq Fu in every conceivable way.

Check out the interview at the top and the launch trailer at the bottom, and be sure to check back with us later this week for our full review.

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Press Release from Wired Productions

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