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Shaq-fu: A Legend Reborn Revels in the Past

First, we hear that Red Dead Redemption 2 has a release date. Now, Shaq-fu is receiving a sequel? Can this day get any better? Yes, actually, but only if you check out the trailer for the game.

The trailer is about a minute, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously. They acknowledge the old game sucked, and that this new game is…”better than the old one”. That is genius marketing, and the odds of someone being able to hit them for false advertising is almost zero. This is the kind of ad that seems like it was made by the patients in the movie Crazy People. (Oh, Dudley Moore. We miss you more than ever.)

In a story that seems written for our times (probably because it was), Shaq is a Chinese orphan who must travel the world to save us from “demonic celebrities” from the tabloids. The tongue in cheek approach from the trailer is definitely present in the story.

Shaq-fu: A Legend Reborn will have the vocal talents of Shaq himself, so sticklers for authenticity and continuity can rest easy. The release date is not set, but we will be living a day in the life of Shaq sometime in 2018.


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