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She Wants Me Dead is Coming to PS4, But We’ve No Clue What it Is

It’s not often this happens but when it does, it leaves us feeling a little bit useless at our jobs. A game called ‘She Wants Me Dead’ has been rated by the PEGI ratings board across Europe for PS4. And that’s all we know about the game.

Honestly, no amount of Googling has helped flesh this article out with any more solid fact. All we know is that it’s coming to PS4, it’s been rated as being suitable for over-16s, and that it’s classified as an action game with realist violence. Oh, and it’s made by Hello There, the same developers behind Kung Fury: Street Rage, as well as a bunch of forgettable mobile games.

she wants me dead

It’s unusual that something would be rated without there first being a tiny bit of publicity, but it’s happened and we’re just going to have to move on with our lives and hope it doesn’t get us all down too much. It’ll be hard, but we’ll manage.

On a side note, the developer is confirmed to be working on PlayStation VR, so maybe this is what it’s working on? Saying that, though, it’d be awfully soon for it to be rated, wouldn’t it? We’ll keep an eye out for more details and we’ll shoot an email toward Hello There.

What do you reckon She Wants me Dead is? A horror game for PS VR, or something completely different? Speculate in an orderly fashion in the comments section below.

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