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Shelob is Not What We Expected in Latest Middle-earth: Shadow of War Trailer

Normally, when we see spiders, we run away screaming or look for a shoe to smash their creepy crawly bodies into a mess of legs and goo. We expected to have the same sense of revulsion when we saw Shelob  from Shadow of War, but she is a dark and mysterious lady. Normally, it is rude to hit a lady with a house slipper, so, with our expectations thrown aside, there is no clear way to proceed.

From the trailer, we do know she is scheming something (she spins webs, yo), and she is able to give Talion visions. Celebrimbor dourly warns against trusting her, and we would agree not to trust something that can take the form of a giant spider. (Have you even read It?)

We have watched the trailer around five times, and it is still amazing. Should we trust Shelob, or should we just look for a really, really big shoe?

Hopefully, giant footwear of death will be one of the options when the game launches on October 10th.

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