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Shenmue III’s Facial Animations Look Proper Rough in Latest Development Update Video

When Ys Net showed off the first trailer for Shenmue III on PS4 at this year’s Gamescom, the studio came under fire for putting out a trailer where the facial animations were clearly not ready for public consumption. It was a fair point being made by many, so it’s baffling that the latest development update video seems to be so, well, shoddy.

The latest development update for the Kickstarter-funded threequel gives us a look at the game’s facial animations. Does it instill confidence? No, not really. We see a developer mucking around with some old lady’s face for a minute – pulling all sorts of strange faces with the poor lady – before the video quickly ends.

If Ys Net wants to keep its loyal fanbase happy, it would do well to not take such things so lightly in future; these fans have pledged their money to the game, they want to be given confidence in their investment, not mockery.

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