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Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Receives an Overview Trailer; Still No Concrete Release Date

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard about Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom. The end of 2016 release window has come and gone and left a lot of gamers in eager waiting. Luckily, a short overview trailer has popped up on the internet today, but sadly doesn’t detail an updated launch date other than “coming soon.” In its place are details about the entire world of Shiness. You’ll discover information from character abilities, side quest structures, progression system, the world itself, and even see some neat gameplay. We mean did you see that giant statue-esque creature just rise up and look at our heroes menacingly?! You can check out the video above.

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is being developed by Enigami and published by Focus Home Interactive. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more about a release date because this game looks to be something special. What do you think of the RPG adventure with old school roots? Let us know as it will help us forget about Shiness not being on our PlayStation 4s yet.

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