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Sing Your Heart Out. The Voice is Coming to PS4

The popular music show, The Voice, will be getting an officially licensed game on PlayStation 4 later this year. It will feature favorite segments like The Blind Auditions, The Battles, The Live Show, and the famous, spinning, red chairs. There will also be hit songs to choose from and official music videos to sing with. No official release date has been set but is expected towards the end of 2016.

The Voice is being published by Bigben Interactive and developed by Voxler. The latter being known for their Let’s Sing games and voice recognition system. They’re bringing it to The Voice as well and judges the quality of one’s performance based on accuracy and rhythm. We imagine there will be a microphone accessory included.

We are very happy to be working with Bigben on this ambitious project, and we will bring all of our experience and passion to bear to reproduce the experience of The Voice in a video game as faithfully as possible,” Nicolas Delorme, CEO of Voxler, said.


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Bigben Interactive Press Release

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