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Site News: We’re Having Some Technical Difficulties, Please Bear With Us (Updated)

[Update: And we’re back to full functionality. The mothership has taken a good kicking and is back to full power. For now…]

As is evident, we here at Pure PlayStation are having some technical difficulties. Our featured area up the top has disappeared and has taken all of the review along with it. You’ll also notice that the menus are also not working properly. Bugger. We’ve tried kicking, screaming, punching, pleading, but nothing is happening, so we’re having to call in the experts.

Rest assured we’ll be back up and running in a jiffy (yep, that’s a unit of time that could be 2 minutes or it could be 2 hours, it was a deliberate choice) so stick with us and we’ll carry on carrying on. We’ll just look a little more scruffy doing it, kind of like laundry day.


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