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Hello, there! If you’re reading this then it means you’re a pretty smart lad/lass. Seriously, reading is a great skill.

Pure PlayStation started only six months ago but time has made fools of us all, as usual. Since Pure PlayStation opened its doors six months ago, it has grown day on day, week on week, month on month. It’s been quite a ride, actually, and all of us here at Pure PlayStation are surprised at the huge growth the site has seen since January.

We’ve gone from averaging just a 65 view a day in January to over 3,000 per day here in June. As a wise man once said: Wow wa wi wa, very niiiice! And it is. We’ve been putting a lot of hard work into what we do and our goal is to be one of, if not the best source of PlayStation news.

Our presentation has been a little… tacky? The site looked okay for what it was but now that we’re stepping up our output and aiming higher than ever before, we figured that now is the time to really look the part. So, welcome to the new and improved Pure PlayStation! We’ve put a lot of effort into catering for our audience and we hope that the new site will be much more comfortable to use – it’s really good on smartphones and tablets!

There’s still a few kinks we’re tapping out but for all intents and purposes the site is pretty much ready. Don’t be surprised to run into a few strange anomalies here and there over the next few days as we continue to evict the remaining bugs.


The Pure PlayStation Team

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