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Skyrim May Be Playable on PS4/PS Vita Soon via PS Now

The PlayStation 4 has played host to a great many remaster since its release. We don’t really mind them as long as they’re decent and markedly improved over the original release.

One remaster that fans have been calling for is Skyrim. There’s good news and bad news: first, it’s unlikely you’ll be playing Skyrim: Remastered on PS4 anytime soon, but the good news is that you may be able to play the PS3 version on your PS4 and PS Vita in the near future via PlayStation Now.

An image showing the PlayStation Store with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has appeared online (thanks for the tip, ItsJustEmman) that supposedly shows the game as searchable within PlayStation Now. However, we’ve since tried to search for it but have come up empty. It may possibly be that the image was faked, let’s not discount that, but it’s also possible that it was pulled from the store, or it’s possible the image originates from a North American PSN account and wouldn’t show up on the European one we used.

It looks pretty authentic and it’s an off-screen image so we’re not going to call fake on this one, but until we hear more from Sony, we’re gonna leave this one to rest. But if PS Now’s recent history is anything to go by, we should expect more than just Skyrim from Bethesda.

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