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Skyrim Special Edition Update 1.5 Brings Survival Mode and Creation Club

A new update has been penned for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition that will add Survival Mode to the game’s difficulties as well as setting up Bethesda’s Creation Club in anticipation of future, premium mods.

At the moment it is unknown for definite when the update will drop, October is rumoured, but PC users will be able to take part in a Beta prior to its general release.

In terms of its changes, Survival Mode is not for the faint hearted. This mode will create a more realistic but deadly experience, where the usual crutches and mechanics are altered or disabled to give players the ultimate challenge. You’d better lace up your sneakers because fast track is gone, and you can no longer carry the world on your shoulders.

Survival Mode will include the following tweaks :


  • Fast Travel is disabled.
  • Traveling in snowy or rainy areas will increase your Cold and Cold decreases your total available health.
  • Warmth: The higher your warmth rating, the more slowly you will feel the effects of cold environments.
  • Taking a swim in an ice-cold river can kill you.
  • You no longer regenerate health.
  • To level up, you must now sleep in a bed.
  • Your carry weight has been significantly reduced.
  • Creatures across the land now carry threatening new diseases, and previous diseases are now even more debilitating.
  • Shrines no longer cure diseases for free; you must now make a gold offering in order to receive the shrine’s benefits.

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