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Skyrim VR Bags North American Bundle, $449.99 All In

Just in case anyone missed out on Skyrim when it was first released on PlayStation 3 and then again on PlayStation 4, next week sees the launch of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR. And to celebrate this hat trick of releases, Sony has announced a North American exclusive bundle containing everything you need to set foot in its vast open world from the comfort of your living room.

The bundle will come packaged with a PSVR headset, PlayStation camera, two PlayStation Move controllers and a copy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR. It will be priced at $449.99. A new demo disc is also included, which will show off thirteen other VR offerings. Also, the PSVR headset included in the deal will be of the newer design. This updated version is more conveniently designed in terms of its cabling layout and HDR-enabled Processor Unit.

This bundle will come with the updated PS VR system featuring revised design that enables the stereo headphone cables to be integrated with the VR headset, and a slimmer, streamlined connection cable. The updated PS VR system also comes with a new Processor Unit that supports HDR pass through, enabling users to enjoy HDR-compatible PS4 content on a TV without having to disconnect the Processor Unit between the TV and the PS4.

As for the game itself, Skyrim VR is the full release. DLC and all. Re-imagined and re-developed for the latest trend in technology, the virtual reality headset. It will be one of three that Bethesda has in the pipeline, as Doom and Fallout 4 are also getting a VR outing.

The bundle is due out on the same day as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR; November 17th, in case you’re wondering. It also appears to be quite a bargain add up to now the same price had only gotten you PlayStation VR Worlds.

Looks like the limited range of games for the PSVR is a thing of the past. Roll on 2018. Are you a Skyrim veteran, or is Skyrim VR looking like a tempting first outing? 

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