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The Slaughter Tribe DLC Cuts Its Way Into Middle-earth: Shadow of War Today

The first part of Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s paid DLC drops a new tribe for your domination. The Slaughter Tribe looks like they would be at home in any cannibal barbecue. They eat whatever and whoever is around, even other orcs. They are the proud butcher shop of the orc tribes, and they display their work in a skin-covered fortress. Eeewwww.

Being gross is not the only new thing they bring. You can have new tribal showdowns, fight tribal war bands, blood ambush, and find legendary gear from the Slaughter Tribe.

If free DLC is more your speed, an update today will allow you to engage in an endless siege mode to keep Sauron from retaking your summer houses in Mordor. You can also quell rebellions in your ranks, because orcs just don’t know how good they have it.

Finally, a new photo mode is available. You can capture battles, or family photos of your favorite servants doing your bidding. Tweak the image with filters and textures to really bring your terrifying subjects to life.

If you have yet to pick up Middle-earth: Shadow of War, we think it will be one of the games discounted for PSN’s Black Friday sale. If not, other retailers will be slashing the price by as much as 50% on Friday.

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