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Smashbox Arena Coming to PSVR

Smashbox Arena will be released on the PSVR this summer. Describing the game as a, “team-based action game with insane physics-driven power-ups”, it looks like an FPS mixed with a colorful round of dodge ball. The game will allow you to dodge incoming fire or hide behind cover in single player or multiplayer modes.

The game has already been released for other VR platforms, so it makes sense to bring it to the PSVR. We have added some of the snippets of action from the game, and we also found a video (at the top of the article) showing a little more gameplay from the developer’s YouTube channel. It is not from the PS4, but it will give you a better idea of the gameplay.

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One of the things we think Sony needs to bring to E3 is support for the PSVR. The new announcement today is another step in the right direction, but this is the type of game that Sony could give away for free as part of an E3 announcement or even adding VR games to the monthly PS Plus drop.

Either way, more games for the PSVR is never bad, and this fast-paced multiplayer experience looks fun. Let us know if this is your cup of tea, or if your perfect game for PSVR is still waiting to be made.

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