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Sniper Elite 4 Deathstorm DLC Release Date Announced

The release date for the Deathstorm DLC has been announced.

Deathstorm: Part 1 is the first of three chapters that form a new campaign, which can be tackled either solo or in co-op mode. It takes place following the events if the main game, and sees “snipers” infiltrating a Nazi naval base situated in Northern Italy.

Karl Fairburne must uncover all there is to know about the Manhattan Project, and get their bloodied hands around the Deathstorm, a mysterious package.

The DLC is available from March 21st alongside the new Night Fighter Expansion Pack. The expansion includes:

  • Three new weapons
  • Night-time camo rifle skins
  • Male and female character skins

A multiplayer mode will also be available. Called Elimination, it will see two teams of up to six players battle against one another, as Rebellion explain:

This two-team mode for up to 12 players is all about trying to whittle down your opponent’s numbers,” they said. “If you kill an enemy player, they’re forced to sit out on the sidelines.”

“But if their team kills one of your teammates, they tag back in one of their sidelined comrades. In Elimination, all is not lost, even when you’re 1 v 6.”

A new map, Night Wood, is also being added free of charge.

Happy sniping!

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