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Song of Horror Uses Procedurally Generated Scares to Kill You

Halloween was yesterday, but scary games are always welcome. Thankfully, Song of Horror has dropped a teaser trailer we can share with you.

With a Spring 2018 launch target, Song of Horror will use narrative and procedurally generated horror to scare you. As Daniel Noyer, you and sixteen different characters will try to solve a mystery inspired by the works of Poe and Lovecraft. As you explore different locations, the game’s AI will be throwing potential death at you. Characters can and will permanently die.

The developer Protocol Games says they looked to older games for ideas when designing Song of Horror. That is not to say they did not add some modern ideas, but Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark are big influences. There are no health or sanity bars. You just have to survive.

After two failed Kickstarter campaigns, the developers will release Song of Horror early next year. BadLand Games (also based in Madrid) will be publishing the studio’s first title.

The team is obviously on a labor of love, and we look forward to facing a pernicious AI and having our spines tingled when it finally releases.

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Badland Games' Press Release

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