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Sony Announces PS4/PSVR Black Friday Price Drop

Yep, it’s finally happening! The PlayStation VR is getting a pretty sizeable price drop this Black Friday along with the PS4 Slim. Sony has announced over on the PlayStation Blog that the PS4 Slim 1TB model and PSVR will be getting decent price drops this Black Friday.

The PS4 Slim 1TB console will come in at $199.99, while the PSVR has a few more options. The PSVR bundles will start at $299.99, and that includes the GT Sport bundle, while the Skyrim VR PSVR bundle will run you $349.99. Not a bad price. Not bad at all. Makes us kind of regret spending so much money on the bloody thing last year.

To top it all off, Sony has also said that PS Plus members will get early access to PlayStation Store sales starting on November 17th, with games being up to 40% off.

There’s nothing about the UK and Europe yet, though we imagine we’ll see similar deals emerge for the ridiculous shopping event.


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