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Sony Bend’s PS4 Horror Game May Be Called Dead Don’t Ride, Apocalyptic Motorcycles?

Holy poo stains: we might just have gotten the title for Sony Bend’s new game. Supposed industry insider Shinobi has posted a very cryptic tweet on Twitter that clearly hints at Sony Bend’s new PS4 exclusive.

The tweet, which you can see below, seems to suggest that whatever Sony Bend’s working on is named Dead Don’t Ride. It’s easy enough to shrug away such things, but it gets weird.

Way back last year, a commenter on Reddit replied to a post about Sony Bend’s unannounced game and said: “What if I told you it’s called Dead Don’t Ride?”. Ok, that’s definitely weird.

Stranger still is that this supposed insider is flaunting this information very publicly, which means that we’re probably very close to having an official announcement. We’ll keep an ear, an eye, and a toe to the ground and will update as soon as there’s more info. This E3 could definitely be interesting…

What do you think Dead Don’t Ride is? A horror game where you hunt down the undead on motorbikes? Share your wackiest theories down in the comments section below.


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