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Sony Confirms Days Gone is Delayed Until 2019

After a day or two of speculation, Sony has today confirmed that Days Gone will now be released in 2019. The push back has been described as a delay, but no further explanation has been offered.

Sony made the announcement in an interview with Eurogamer, whilst pre-order customers had already aired their concern over emails from Amazon saying that a delay was in place. So it looks as though, once again, a retailer has jumped the gun ahead of the publisher. We like it when they do it with good news but not when it’s bad news like this.

The official statement read, “We can confirm that Days Gone will now be releasing in 2019, and we will keep you updated on the launch date.”

A definite release date has never been set so we guess it was always a possibility. And following the news earlier in the week that Call of Duty Black Ops IIII is launching a month or so before its normal window in order to get ahead of its main rival (Red Dead Redemption 2) then it probably isn’t a surprise that Sony are wanting Days Gone to launch without so many distractions. Read ‘competition’.

Even so, it’s still disappointing that one of this year’s anticipated exclusives is now at least a year away. But it joins good company in 2019 as the Last of Us Part II is looking like it’s targeting the same year. At least it gives us a while longer to watch The Walking Dead and take notes.

Are you bunkered down somewhere safe for the next 12+ months? Grab your cricket (or baseball) bat and head down to the comments below. 


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