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Sony Giving Out Free $10 Codes to PSVR Early Adopters (North America)

If you were one of the enlightened few who picked up a PSVR headset on or around the device’s launch two years ago, check your emails as you may be in for a little treat, courtesy of Sony.

Sony has been sending out emails to North American PlayStation VR users. The email contains a one-use code that you can redeem on the PlayStation Store. It’s basically a $10 gift card and the best thing is that it’s not tied to a minimum spend; it’s just a free tenner. You don’t even have to spend it on PSVR games if you don’t want to. Be quick, though, as the code is only able to be redeemed for a few days, so get into your emails and check to see if Sony has thrown a tenner your way. Quite handy, really, seeing as there’s a massive sale on the North American PlayStation Store right now.

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