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Sony is Updating the PS Move Wands as Well as PlayStation VR

Earlier today we told you how Sony had announced a new, revised model of the PlayStation VR (PSVR). The announcement itself wasn’t all that exciting as all the new model does is allow for HDR passthrough and uses some slightly different cables to tidy up the mess.

The PlayStation Move Wand Controllers are also getting a revision, too, though just like the new PSVR, it’s not all that exciting. The new controllers, announced over on the Japanese PlayStation Blog, will ship with micro-usb¬†charging ports as standard, replacing the ancient cables from the PS3 era. You’ll also see that the new PS Move wands come with bigger batteries tat’ll last a lot longer. Other than that? Not much else. The Move logos have been darkened a little, and that’s about as far as aesthetic changes go.

Unfortunately this probably means that Sony isn’t planning on replacing the Move wands with a new solution anytime soon. We’ll probably have to wait for the PS5 and PSVR 2 for a change in controllers. Bugger…


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