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Sony Japan is Killing It With Its Latest PSVR Advert, Even Shows a Bit of GT Sport in VR

Sony Europe and America hasn’t been too active in promoting the PSVR since its launch. According to Sony, that’s because it didn’t want to drive up demand that it couldn’t fulfil. Fair enough, we suppose, but then why is Sony Japan doing such a blinding job?

Sony Japan has released a new trailer/advert today to show off PlayStation VR and the many great game experiences it provides. Despite that sentence sounding like a PR line, we’re not being paid to say this. C’mon, if we were, don’t you think we’d have a better logo than that five-minute PhotoShop job up above?

The trailer, which is embedded up above these beautifully written words, is Japanese, yet not too Japanese. There are Japanese people playing PSVR, but it’s not overly weird and wacky like previous Sony Japan commercials. We even get a glimpse of GT Sport running in PSVR mode, something we’re very much looking forward to.


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