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Sony’s Spider-Man Might Show Up at Paris Games Week 2017

Now, don’t get too excited, okay? Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but Marvel’s Assistant Creative Manager Isabel Hsu has certainly not denied that Insomniac’s PS4 exclusive Spider-Man could swing by Sony’s press stage at this year’s Paris Games Week.

When asked on Twitter if webhead will be in attendance at this year’s Paris Games Week, Hsu didn’t deny it outright, but instead replied with a thinking face emoticon. Yes, it’s nowhere near confirmation but, in our experience, these kinds of people tend to flat-out say no if it’s a no. Rarely we get a yes – that’d ruin the surprise – but the fact we got neither is telling.

Paris Games Week kicks off on October 30th, so at least the wait to find out isn’t that long. Still, we’ll struggle to think about anything else until then. Damn…

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