Sound Off Saturday: Would You Rather

Hi there, reader. We know you are there, because of all the heavy breathing. Instead of leaving us awkward voice mails, sending us naked pictures of yourself (or parts of yourself), or giving us the silent treatment, we thought we would pose a question to you and ask for your opinion.

Since we are less conventional, sometimes that question will be 100% ridiculous, even though we were actually trying for somewhat offensive. We will manage to offend you eventually, we promise.

Until then, we will drop questions (at least loosely) based on games, and you can sound off in the comments. Take our question seriously if you dare, or give us your most unintelligible answer after you are completely sloshed. Like your mom, we are just happy to hear from you.

This week’s question combines the upcoming Injustice 2 with the more treacherous world of dating.

You are dating a superhero or supervillain, and you are finally going to introduce them to your parents. Who would you take home to meet your parents and why?

For women, you can choose between Poison Ivy or Catwoman. For men, you can choose between Scarecrow or Batman. Since she is not a psycho and still human, Catwoman may seem like the logical choice, but Poison Ivy is a doctor. That would definitely score some points with the family.

The men are a more difficult choice. Scarecrow is a doctor, but Bruce Wayne is a billionaire. Scarecrow does enjoy killing and manipulating people through fear, but Batman is never home to help take care of the kids. The murderer who can hand you a bottle at 3:00 in the morning starts to look pretty tempting as a potential life partner.

If none of these choices are interesting, pick your own hero or villain. Let us know your choice in the comments and why you picked.


Jason became terminally addicted to videogames after receiving the NES at an early age. This addiction grew to include PC gaming and was cemented with the launch of the PS2. From then on, he was afflicted with epic RPGs, tense shooters, and deep strategy games, never becoming skillful, but never able to quit. He continues to play games (poorly) and share his passion for them to anyone willing to listen.



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