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Special Delivery PSVR Could Get Move Support, Releasing Soon in UK/Europe

Special Delivery for PSVR is a pretty darn good game, though that’s an off-the-books comment as we’ve still not got our review up (spoiler: it’s gooood).

One niggle that this writer has with the game is the lack of PSVR Move controller support. Special Delivery is basically Paperboy in VR, so you’re chucking newspapers into letterboxes, gardens, old ladies’ faces, but without the actual throwing motion. There’s support for the PSVR Aim Controller which is a nice addition, but we want to actually throw, damn it!

The developer behind Special Delivery knows this and has explained that due to the PSVR’s tracking issues as well as the current version of Unreal Engine that was used to build the game. According to Meerkat, once the studio migrates the game to the newest build of Unreal, it’s possible that tracking issues could be rectified, meaning that it’s possible that the game could add support for the Move controllers in the future.

At the time of writing, Special Delivery is only available on the US North American store. That’s going to change soon. Meerkat explained that the game is currently going through the relevant ratings boards for a UK/European release and should be available soon.

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