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Spend a Creepy Night at Home in The Bellows for PS VR

We love the PS VR, and we also love games that go bump in the night. The Bellows is promising both of those things. Said to play as an “interactive movie”, the game begins with a man sitting at home alone during a storm. We are not sure why he is in such a spooky house, why that house seems to contain a santitorium, or why it is built on what appears to be catacombs. Maybe he bought it for a steal.

Although it is already available on Steam, there is no release date in the trailer. The developer’s site says the game “will be launching on Playstation VR in the upcoming month”, so we will not have to wait long to see why a monster is being electrocuted or any other weird occurrences are happening at the house.

Horror may be the future bread and butter for the PS VR. The immersion alone could push you deeper into the experience a lot more than just sitting on your old couch where the scariest thing is the amount of cigarette burns it has accumulated without igniting.

We look forward to seeing if The Bellows will make us afraid to be home alone in the near future.

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