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Spider-Man Pre-load is Live On the PlayStation Store

If you’ve pre-ordered Spider-Man on the PlayStation Store then the time has come to download its pre-load ahead of the big day this Friday. That’s a lot of loads…

The marvel weighs in at 46GB so the sooner you start to save the content to drive the better. After all, nobody wants to wake up in two days time to find their silly string isn’t ready to fire.

Luckily, the hard work should be done for you with the game installing itself automatically, but if your console is a little sluggish then you can initiate things manually over in the Library menu – simply select the game, click options and choose to start download.

Spider-Man gets his 4K tights on this Friday, September 7th. And our review should follow soon after. In the meantime, how about telling us whether your a fan of the eight legged fiends? 

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