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Square Enix Releases a New Trailer for Kingsglaive – Final Fantasy XV

If you were interested in knowing more about the world of Final Fantasy XV, you are in luck. Square Enix will be bringing the movie Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV to theaters on August 19th in North America. (Sorry, rest of the world.  You will have to wait for the digital or blu-ray release a couple of weeks later.)

The movie acts as a prologue for the game, and it will give you insight into some of the motivations and characters. According to Takeshi Nozue, the movie’s director, “the main theme portrayed in Kingsglaive is the bond between father and son. While watching the film you’ll see the love they have for each other and understand the pressures of fulfilling the responsibility of being King.”

With the voice talent of Lena Headey, Aaron Paul, and Sean Bean, Square Enix definitely seems to be committed. We only hope it is closer to Advent Children than The Spirits Within.


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