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StarBlood Arena’s Matchmaking is a Little Bit Broken

Bugger. Wee. Poo. That’s about as strong as we can go in terms of hard language, but believe us when we say that we’re bloody miffed with StarBlood Arena on PS4/PSVR.

The reason: The matchmaking is just not working. For those who aren’t aware, StarBlood Arena is a multiplayer-focused shooter for the PSVR, so when the multiplayer matchmaking doesn’t work… Yeah. It’s annoying as hell.

Since having the game on a PS4 Slim system earlier today, we’ve only managed to get into a handful of games over an 8-hour period. It’s a little shocking to be honest, and we can see this being a massive grievance for those who shelled out the $40 for the game on day-one only to be left twiddling their VR thumbs.

In fairness, these kinds of things happen. New games release all the time with teething problems, especially those with a heavy focus on the online-side of things. Still, we’re not too pleased with how this has panned out as we can’t really do a review until we’ve given it a fair run, and we can’t give it a fair run until it works. So if you’re sat waiting for our review, please bear with us and we’ll have it up as soon as we can.

If you’re on the fence about dropping the cash on StarBlood Arena, maybe hold off until the ongoing problems have been smoothed out a little.

Have you had a rough time with StarBlood Arena’s multiplayer, or have you been one of the lucky few to have been able to consistently join games? Share your blood lust down below.

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