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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Announced With Reveal Trailer and Details

It was only this morning that we were writing about Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition being leaked by Amazon, and here we are only a short time later with the confirmation from Capcom. Perhaps the publisher saw the leaks and decided it was best to get on top of it? Either way, we now have official confirmation that Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is coming to PS4 on January 16th.

The confirmation comes in the form of a blog post over on Capcom Unity which detailed what will be included in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. So what is coming in this new release? Erm, we already told you earlier today, but we’ll put the details here again anyway.

  • Arcade Mode – choose from six different paths themed after classic Street Fighter games.
  • Gallery – unlock hundreds of illustrations as you play through Arcade Mode.
  • Extra Battle – complete timed challenges to obtain exclusive costumes throughout 2018.
  • New V-Triggers – each character will have two V-Triggers, adding even more depth to the combat system.
  • New Visuals – the user interface is being redesigned with new color schemes, revised menus and exciting pre-and-post-fight effects.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will release on January 16th and will be available at retail in the form of a physical boxed copy. You’ll also be able to get the game via the PlayStation Network, too. Pre-orders are open now on where the game is listed for $39.99.

For those who already own Street Fighter V, worry not, for your game will receive all of the new content in the form of a free downloadable update that will be released on January 16th. Not too bad, then.

One of our big complaints of Street Fighter V in our review was that it was missing some much-needed content. It looks like the Arcade Edition will bring the game up to a level that most will be happy with it. C’mon, what was Capcom thinking in not having an Arcade mode in the game in the first place? Madness, we tell you, madness.

Will you be picking up Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition early next year? Bodyslam your comment down below.


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