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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition May Be Releasing on PS4 January 2018

According to a now-removed listing on, Capcom is readying up a re-release of Street Fighter V that’ll go on sale early next year. is a UK-based online retailer, for those who were wondering, and has been known to make the occasional mistake in the past by slipping up release dates and unannounced editions before the publisher’s marketing team has had a chance to throw us all under the hype train. It’s reasonable, then, to think that the retailer’s listing for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition could be real. It even had a January 16th, 2018 release date attached to the listing before it was pulled.

The significance of the release date? It’s a Tuesday, the day most video games release in the UK. We reckon it’s very likely that Capcom will be looking to boost sales and player numbers with a so-called Arcade Edition, but we’ll keep this as a rumour for the moment.

We didn’t really think much of Street Fighter V when we reviewed it last year, mainly due to the fact it felt like a half-finished game, but with an actual arcade mode it could be a bit of alright. Maybe…

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