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Street Fighter V’s PS4 File Size Revealed

[Update] We actually got the file size for Street Fighter V wrong. You can check out the real file size here.

A couple of minutes ago Pure PlayStation found out how much hard drive space Far Cry Primal will take up on your PS4, you can check that out here. Well we’re back with more file size news, this time relating to Capcom’s Street Fighter V. It’s bloody tiny! Approximately half the size of Far Cry Primal.

Come February 16th Street Fighter V will only take up a tiny 6.4GB of your valuable PS4 hard drive space. It looks like developers have finally figured out how to keep game sizes down to a minimum on current-gen consoles, which means you’ll have to make the hard choice of which game to delete to make space for a new one less and less as we move into the future. We’ve included a screenshot below so you can see for yourself.



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