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Super Rude Bear Resurrection Brings Hardcore Platforming That Anyone Can Beat

Calling all Super Meat Boy fans and people who wish they could play Super Meat Boy without throwing their controllers through their TV. Super Rude Bear Resurrection is a very tough platformer with a punishing difficulty that even your Aunt Eunice could beat. This is because every death leaves your last little bear corpse exactly where it landed to cover that saw or spike. You can even use your former you as a meat shield. After dying enough times, you can stand on your own shoulders to beat the level and, eventually, the game.

The game is made to be tough but fair, and it is possible to beat the entire game without dying. Those of you who need a crippling challenge in your games can turn off corpses entirely. There is another setting to turn off randomly generated levels, so Rude Bear is ready for speedrunners as well. Finally, you can access any level from the menu, and there is a Practice Mode for anyone looking to beat a particular area.

The soundtrack is completely original. The 73 tracks were created by Deeco, and they have a thumping electronic sound that will punctuate every jump, dodge, and death. The composer is not the only big name. The sound effects were handled by the same gent who worked on Batman Arkham Knight, Pierre-Jean Griscelli.

For those of you who need a deeper motivation to jump over a saw blade or not be frozen into a block of ice, there is a story in the game. “Rude Bear, our gangsta bear hero from East London, has been transported back in time to medieval England, to defeat his mortal nemesis, The Wizard.” We do not know how much that will be present in the game, but it is there if you care.

Although there are currently no plans for a PS Vita version, Super Rude Bear Resurrection will die repeatedly with great success on the PS4 on May 2.


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