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SUPERHOT VR Update 1.02 Brings PS4 Pro Support, Trophy Fixes, and More

SUPERHOT VR for PS4/PSVR has received a new update today with version 1.02. The new update brings some much welcome PS4 Pro support as well as some fixes for trophies, though the biggest fix is for the buggered up spawning outside of the hackeroom. Still, even with the few problems the game has, it didn’t stop us awarding it our highest ever score on Pure PlayStation.

We won’t waffle on too long, so here’s the patch notes:

SUPERHOT VR Update Version 1.02 Patch Notes

  • Higher resolution on PlayStation 4 Pro
  • Fixed achievements (Chosen One, You Are Now Free, GGEZ, What’s Wrong With You?!, Nice Combo, Faster, Take Your Time)
  • Fixed bug in first hackeroom with spawning player at incorrect position
  • Mindwave tutorial changed and mindwave values tweaked to be less rigoristic
  • Fixed AI of red dudes on a few levels

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