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Survivors Keep Going in Farpoint’s Story Trailer

Farpoint has gone gold, and that makes some of the VR loving gamers here very excited. We mean like a bag of cocaine and pocket full of cash on your way to the strip club excited. Well…maybe that is a stretch, but we can definitely say it is a very anticipated game.

The developer, Impulse Gear, is trying to create a solid single player game with “a deep and meaningful” narrative, and we are digging the space sci-fi setting in which something goes terribly wrong. It may be something that we have seen a million times, but there is a reason that we keep seeing it.

VR is still a very young medium, and we hope for more games that will embrace a story and give us an experience that shows us the potential of the format. We do not know if Farpoint is that game, but the trailer looks good.

Farpoint is available on May 16th, and you can purchase it on its own or bundled with the PS VR Aim Controller.

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