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Symphony of the Machine Release Date Revealed for PSVR, New Trailer Released

There’s another puzzler on the way for PSVR owners to get stuck into: Symphony of the Machine. The zen-like virtual reality puzzle game by Stirfire Studios has now got a confirmed release date for PS4/PSVR thanks to a new trailer that was recently released by the studio.

The trailer, which is up above, gives us a glimpse of what’s to come in Symphony of the Machine as well as the release date – April 11th for North America and April 12th for the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world.

Here’s a brief description of the game from the developer’s website:

Symphony of the Machine is an immersive virtual reality puzzle game.  It is serene, zen-like, peaceful and will nourish your soul. You enter the game and emerge into a blasted landscape.  In this distance you see a strange tower.  You come to the base of the tower and step onto an elevator.
The elevator takes you to the platform at the top of the tower where you see it is shaped like a strange, mechanical flower.  Around you, you see the surrounding landscape, lifeless and barren.  The Ancient Machine in the tower is the key to fixing this but you now need to learn how…
In Symphony of the Machine, you take control of an ancient mechanism by controlling the beam at the centre of the tower and redirecting and manipulating it to solve puzzles.  Every time you solve a puzzle to direct the beam into the Glyphs around the tower, you manipulate the weather and the plants grow on the landscape around you.  Symphony is a game about intricate puzzles and exploration of the device, it is a nice place to be and will allow you time to explore and perfect your solution to restoring life into the land.
Is this one that you’ll be taking a punt on, or will you be waiting for Pure PlayStation’s review before you splash your money on another PSVR games? Get all touchy-feely down in the comments section below.
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