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Take a Guided Tour of Talos I in This new Trailer for Prey

Another day, another trailer for Prey, it seems. The latest video for Arkane’s space station based shoot em up takes you on a guided tour of the Talos I space station and gives us a little bit of insight from the developer as to how this semi-open world works, as well as showing off some of the varied environments you’ll see throughout the game. Take the tour in the trailer above.

As anyone who’s been following our previous articles on Prey will know, there’s not much in the above trailer that hasn’t been shown before. We do get a bit of insight from the developer into the game’s open world design, though. As previously thought, it seems the game will be semi-open, ie. the entirety of Talos I will be explorable but you might need certain items or abilities to access certain parts. Perhaps the most interesting tidbit from the trailer is the confirmation that the exterior of the space station will also be fully explorable in a zero-gravity environment.

The team also explains the presence of the grand and ostentatious architecture and fittings that can be seen in certain parts of Talos I, comparing the game’s fictional corporation TranStar to a big private business in the real world. They’re flaunting their wealth and offering luxury in order to attract humanity’s best and brightest. That should satisfy anyone wondering just why a space station has marble columns and golden lion statues.

Prey should be with us at the beginning of May and as the trailer above reconfirms, there’s a demo coming on the 27th of April if you want to check it out beforehand. Let us know what you think of the Dishonored developer’s space flavored shooter down in the comments!




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