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Take the Fight to the Thargoids in the New Taipan AX1 Fighter in Elite Dangerous

Whether you have been actively attacking or ignoring the Thargoids in Elite Dangerous, it seems the threat is growing. Fortunately, so is the response. Manufactured by Faulcon DeLacy, the new Taipan AX1 fighter is armed with two AX multi cannons that should help you to punch a few more holes in Thargoid ships.

You can pick them up on Founder’s World, and the initial results are positive. The general consensus is that they run a little hot, but they do quite a bit of damage. Even with the limited ammo, the damage to the hull and the heart are significant. With reloads and repairs by docking, they may be an excellent investment.

Some players have also reported them being very powerful against NPC and player ships. Many are suggesting a nerf is coming eventually, but we do not know what the developers have in mind for now.

Since the Taipan AX1 was not part of a community goal, what new weapons or ships will we see in the near future? While we slowly move toward new anti-Thargoid weapons, will they begin to move deeper into the bubble? Will we eventually see an invasion of the Sol system?

Your speculation is as good as ours. Let us know your hopes in the comments.


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