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Take Time to Smell the Corpses in Time Recoil

The premise of the top down twin stick shooter, Time Recoil, is simple: the more you kill, the more time you have to kill and the more powerfully you can…well, kill. With every enemy’s death, time will slow, and you will begin to increase the potency of your super power, which can be a more modest dash to a large explosion.

The game reminds us a little of Hotline Miami, but the plot seems much more straightforward. As the member of a rebel group, you are stopping a dictator who is using a time machine to destroy your happy band of rebels, before you can send torpedos into a well-known weak point go through time and kill him.

The developer 10tons’ previous projects include Neon Chrome and Crimsonland, and they are promising a speed-run mode for you to challenge your friends, when the game releases in the very busy second quarter of 2017.

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10tons' Press Release

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