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Take Your Farming to the Next Level in Real Farm Sim

There are many city folk who spend more time inhaling the exhaust from their local bus than the fresh air in an open farm. The farm fresh air reeks more of manure, which might also match parts of the city, but it is fresh.

These people are still curious and want to experience the life that others lead on a farm, and, according to Hans van Brakel, executive manager at Sodesco, that is why we have so many farm sims. Talking about the game, he said,

We noticed a lot of interest in the farming simulation genre, but we feel nobody’s really bringing anything new to the table. With Real Farm Sim, we want to improve the farming simulation experience with new-gen game mechanics and new-gen graphics. The game is called Real Farm Sim for a reason: it gives players the real farming experience.

We are not sure how “real” it will get. Will we have catastrophes found in other sim games, such as mad cow disease, that could wipe out our family business? Will we have to choose between GMO, choose from dozens of pesticides, or turn our farm into an organic operation?

Real Farm Sim will release in Q4 of this year, and we look forward to seeing how this new game will shake up the old formula.



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