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Tale of Ronin Hopes to Scratch Your Post-Nioh Itch

Dead Mage has confirmed that Tale of Ronin is coming to PlayStation 4.

The samurai RPG is attempting to scratch that post-Nioh itch, and focuses on the human side of the warriors, an area overlooked by other releases. It will feature a ‘simultaneous turn based battle system’, and will be a mix of fantasy and reality.

The art style is unique, hand-painty-and-inky-like, but one of the most intriguing features is its persistent world; you might die but you play as a new Ronin in the same world after each death.

Features include:

  • A dynamic world to explore and create your own story as a free Ronin.
  • Focus on the human side of the Samurai and the role of their personal emotions in their adventures and combat.
  • Simultaneous turn-based combat system that includes the details of Katana swordsmanship.
  • Sekai System, you die, the world lives: play the story of a new Ronin in the same world after each death.
  • Unique traditional Sumi-e art style providing a hand painted inky look and feel.
  • A world setting standing on a fine line between reality and fantasy.

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