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Telltale’s Batman Episode 2 Launching September 20th

The cliff hanger ending to the first Batman episode by Telltale Games left quite a longing in gamers. We could only hope that the second episode titled “Children of Arkham” would release in September for our PlayStation 4’s. Luckily, Telltale announced today that the next Bruce Wayne/Batman adventure will launch this month on September 20th.

If you’re even luckier¬†to be at PAX West this year, you’ll be able to “play” it early. Episode 2: Children of Arkham will be streamed at a special Crowd Play event tomorrow at 8:30pm in the Wyvern Theatre. The audience will participate using the in-game crowd feature where votes are tallied up and the decision with the most marks will happen on screen. In addition there will be giveaways for everyone in the crowd.


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Telltale Games Press Release

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