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Telltale’s Batman: Episode 4: Guardian of Gotham Stalks onto PS4, PS3 This November 22nd

Telltale’s latest episode in its Batman series has a brand new trailer, and along with it comes a release date for the PS4 and PS3 release: November 22nd. It’s not too long to wait – just five days at the time of writing – and to tide you over we’ve got the new trailer embedded up above.

The new episode is titled and Guardian of Gotham and it looks like we’ll be in for quite the ride. The trailer above gives us glimpses of Batman in action, Joker, Two-Face and more of the game’s characters. It looks like it’ll have a little more action than recent episodes but we can’t be sure until we’ve gotten our hands on the game. Expect the Pure PlayStation review soon-ish. We’ll get around to it. Promise…

Are you still invested in Telltale’s Batman, or has the creaky engine that the game’s running on spoiling your fun too much? Or maybe you just straight up don’t like the game for other reasons. Let us know down below.

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