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Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy Episode 5 Releasing November 7th

The trailer for episode 5 of Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy is out today, and things seem bleak for our heroes. With hope in short supply, the team has fractured, and everyone has their feelings hurt. They are angry at each other, and it looks like those fences are beyond mending.

Maybe a rousing speech will help. We can start with…too bad, you bunch of Whiny Willies! That’s family, and the universe needs to saved. You know what else is in short supply? Heroes, buddy boy. Bury the hatchet with booze, punches, tears, or a combination of all three, but get to work.

Those are some of our ideas based on the trailer. It looks like Quill is getting the band back together to defeat Hala and stop her from raising a Kree army. With everyone’s help, they will probably come up with a plan that is just crazy enough to work or something like that. The important thing is that they remember the title has “Guardians” in it and not “people who take time off when the galaxy is in trouble”.

We have a hunch they will put aside differences and come together as a team in time. Heroes (and Marvel movies in general) have a way of being lucky that should make them think about playing the lottery more often. To be fair, it would be a real downer if they decided to sit in a bar and drink while we all died.

Despite our thoughts on predictability, we will never stop believing. The trailer is good, and episode 5 should end with a bang. We will be trying to download it as soon as it hits PSN on November 7th, and we will let you know if it meets our expectations.

Be sure to drop a comment to let us know how you think season 1 will end.

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