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Tetris Effect Drops On to Consoles This November

One pre-E3 announcement that got everyone talking was the pumped-up new take on Tetris in Tetris Effect. It has now been revealed that the blockbuster (get it?) will drop on November 9th for both the PS4 and PS VR.

The news came via Twitter, with readers being urged to ‘SAVE THE DATE:’ because ‘Tetris Effect can be “yours forever” starting Friday, November 9th!‘. It ended with the intriguing statement, ‘More details coming soon…’

The more details will be greatly received as there has been little said in the grand scheme of things. However, from what we have seen (the Ministry of Sound style backing tracks and tripping graphics) there is a lot to like about Tetris Effect. Let’s just hope our heads can take it!

Will you be enjoying its madness? Or does it look like too much sensory overload for your liking? Drop a comment in the box below. 

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