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TGS 2017: Stay Thirsty in Latest Code Vein Trailer

Code Vein is not due until 2018, but it is already looking very polished. The trailer from Tokyo Game Show shows both gameplay and CG from the story. The character models have an anime quality to them, and the world definitely matches the bleak tone of the trailer. Everything was destroyed, and it seems like the perfect place to try to find a new blood supply in the form of blood beads and fight crazed and starving vampires revenants.

For those of you who enjoy the more difficult games, do those enemies make your hands tingle a little? It looks like the fights will be tense and dangerous with fluid combat and perfectly timed dodges keeping you from becoming a human shish-kebab. We may also be able to infer your companion can heal you during combat, so maybe there is a adjustable system for that as well.

If nothing else, give the pretty trailer a watch and see if Code Vein should be added to your list of anticipated games for 2018.


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