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TGS 2018: No Plans for a New Handheld Console, Says Sony; Vita Production Ending Next Year in Japan

If you’re holding your breath for Sony to announce a PS Vita successor, take some air because there’s nothing coming in the immediate future.

Senior vice president Hiroyuki Oda told Famitsu at this year’s Tokyo Game Show that the PS Vita production would stop next year in Japan, and that the platform holder currently has no plans for a handheld device.

It’s not a surprise, really, but it is a crying shame. The Switch has shown that there’s still a strong market for handheld devices, and the continued success of the Nintendo 3DS furthers that fact, but we are now on the back-end of the PS4’s shelf life so I imagine the focus will be on the PS4 for the foreseeable future, while the PS5 is being knocked together in secret.

Never say never, though, as there could well be something in the next few years. Personally, I’d be all over a new handheld like flies on poop, but that’s just me. Let us all know what you think down in the comments section below.


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