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The Thargoids Strike The Oracle Station in Elite Dangerous

It looks like The Thargoids have finally made their move. In a new trailer, their attack devastates The Oracle station. A panicked message is sent out to all commanders asking for help, and the situation is dire. If you have been waiting for something more than the occasional skirmish, today is your day. This should also settle the question of hostility.

To help, you will need to evacuate refugees. As you might imagine, many people are not going to want to stay in a burning, crumbling death trap. On Reddit, CMDR_Owl posted a quick image, and you can see it here. CMDR_Bad Player has posted images of the job boards and passenger lounge here.

For those of you who need a little guidance, here is a link detailing the location The Oracle. With the extra traffic, the area will be busy, but there should be enough fleeing people for everyone.

Before you jump into the system, Frontier made a forum post earlier today detailing a problem some are having with the missions. They are in the process of removing a reputation requirement that prevents some people from accepting it. As of the writing of this post, they have not made an update to show it has been fixed.

This seems a little crazy, since we would jump into any ship that would take us. Who says lower standards aren’t worthwhile.

It’s good to see The Thargoid threat has finally become a real threat. This is a good opportunity to escalate into an open war, and, if this doesn’t prompt the release of the Type-10 Defender, nothing will.

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