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The Brookhaven Experiment Update 1.05 Adds a Bloody Bayonet to Your PSVR Aim Gun

Whoa, this is getting interesting. The developers behind The Brookhaven Experiment have released a new update for the game, version 1.05, that adds a bayonet to the end of your rifles.

Before the patch for PSVR Aim support, players could wield a handgun in one hand, and a flashlight or knife in the other. With the PSVR Aim controller, it’s not possible. One way around it was to add a flashlight to the end of the weapons, but now the developers have taken the same approach with knife play. The patch notes are down below in full:

The Brookhaven Experiment PSVR Update 1.05 Patch Notes

  • Added a boyonet and full localisation for Aim-specific text.
  • Minor bugfixes and tweaks

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